AIMP Swim Camp, March 16-19, 2017



Swim Camp Schedule at a Glance:

  • Thursday afternoon, March 16th is our first session. Mostly an assessment of your swimming but still a solid workout.  We will record your swimming for early stroke input to compare with our finishing stroke adjustments.  Approximately 90 minutes of swimming – 3000-4000 yards.
  • Friday – 2 sessions: morning and evening. Post morning session will be video analysis and group discussion.  Midday lunch will be offered.  PM Swim.  Afternoon down time or training time available.
  • Saturday: morning open water swim – Lake Sonoma. Early departure: 1 hr lake swim with open water tips and wetsuit clinic.  Lunch will be offered.  PM pool swim.  Afternoon down time or training time available.
  • Sunday: Am session with dryland work, stretch cordz and another ~4000 yards session. Final video analysis.  Lunch offered.  Camp concludes around 1pm for travel home.

AIMP Swim camp – Endurance Swimming focused

  • 4 days of swimming, 6 sessions. 1x Open water. 2 coaches.
  • Location: Marin, CA.  If you need to fit in some rides or runs in between sessions, let us know.  Great trails and rides from the pools.
  • Focus is not only on technique, tips and stroke improvement, but swimming large yardage in small window for a grasp of big swim training and boosting swim fitness immediately.
  • $395 including lunches and transport to and from Lake Sonoma for Open Water swim. $125 per individual day.  14 max. attendees.
  • Wetsuit clinic and demo – plenty of wetsuits for you to try.
  • Morning pre-swim debrief going over group goals, technique and training concepts.
  • Group evening dinners: not mandatory but great for discussion, questions and camaraderie.

Is this camp for you?

  • If you are looking to do a 70.3 swim or longer, this camp is geared for you. 2 miles or more in the open water means swimming differently than in the pool.  It also means training and prepping differently.  We will go through all the open water insights as well as strength for open water swimming and mental prep: whether swimming 30 min or 6hrs!
  • Swimmers familiar with triathlon swimming or open water are welcome. If your 100s pace is 2 min/100 or faster, this camp will work great for you.
  • Not only will you have a big performance boost from swimming 6 sessions in what amounts to 3 days, but also learn a ton of helpful tips for all open water racing and training.
  • Each workout will have shorter options. Also – due to the individual work with each attendee, the yardage will not always be met by the entire group.
  • Plenty of sports nutrition and drink available.
  • Swim to bike transition work.
  • ROKA will be providing suits, discounts, gear and other valuable training equipment.
  • Hotel, travel and evening meals not included. There will be a group hotel that is situated close to the pool.

Please bring any swim gear you have: snorkel, fins, paddles, buoy, wetsuit etc. for use, review and comparison with tips and takeaways