AIMP™ was originally launched in 2000 by Chris Hauth for a few triathletes looking to qualify for Hawaii.  With this model Chris has helped qualify 70 athletes for Kona, with a record 17 athletes participating in 2005.  In 2010 Chris once again brought 8 athletes to Kona, with a few podium challengers. While Chris continues to have success in taking a select group of athletes to Kona, he has expanded his coaching to all levels of triathletes.

Today, AIMP fits the triathlete that is looking to advance their training from template form popular in magazines and many online coaching sites, to a personal, customized and proven plan tailored to your individual needs.  Family, work, travel and life all interfere with our training plans, but with detailed individual coaching we can maximize that limited training time & achieve your athletic goals!  Whether amateur or professional, Chris has had proven results in coaching them to their personal bests.