AIMP Summer Workouts

Hi all –

Just an FYI that going forward, into the summer – I will be organizing a Thursday ride in Marin for those of you with the flexibility and schedule to join. Usually 3-4 hrs, but can occasionally kick up to 5 hrs. I am also working on an afternoon run on TUESDAYS, trail, track or pavement, depending on time of year. This run will be at 5pm in SOUTHERN Marin, like just over the GG Bridge for trails and Tam High for track days. Lastly – Sunday swims remain on the schedule and begin again this weekend at TAM High – 8:30am to 10am.

I will send out this email for workouts – meeting times and distance every week.

THIS THURSDAY: 10am – 3.5 hrs – pushing from Mill Valley base of Camino Alto. Riding Pt. Reyes Station. Join in if you like.