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Conversation with Rich Roll on Smart Endurance Training

I recently appeared on The Rich Roll Podcast, where Rich and I discussed a number of fitness, training and overall wellness subjects that included: Chris & Rich’s preparation for Ötillö Getting Rich ‘race fit’ at 50 after a 5-year break Training into your 50’s & 60’s Chris’ training & racing philosophy Pros & cons of external monitors/trackers […]

Conversation with Rich Roll

I was recently a guest on author and ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll’s podcast. It was a great chance to talk in depth about integrating the mental game with physical training, and about training as not just race preparation but as the training lifestyle. Have a listen!

Lessons from Kona 2016

For the first time in many years I had the opportunity to watch the race from the sidelines.  It is surely a different perspective, but it also reminded me how many mistakes we make when so caught up in the world of racing.  Standing on the sidelines gives you a perspective of what we overlook […]

Lessons from Rio

Racing well, racing fast & executing a set race day plan is fun.  We just observed 17 days of it in Rio.  Its what athletes worked hard for – so it should feel great and we surely saw those emotions on display! But as we all know – beyond all the joy of the Olympics […]

The Long Run – Week # 3

Distance: 33.5 miles Time: 5:28 Pace: 9:54 Elevation Gain: 4140ft – although getting ready for a race that is 25,000+ ft of elevation gain… Drink: 80 oz in bladder – water 1x GU Roctane Drink. 1 solid drink at water fountain = 110oz (cooler temps today – fog until noon) Food: Nature Valley Granola bar […]

#TBT – Endurance Fueling

An older article I wrote for a European Triathlon Magazine, but worth the read.  Not only for those of you as a reminder – but for many of you new to my coaching and consulting. Endurance racing comes down to a simple ingredient called carbohydrates.  Yes – carbs, those evil calories that the rest of […]

The Long Run: Weekly post #2

  Oh – yes – I get to play on some wonderful trails every day! Distance: 30 miles Time: 4:56 Pace: 9:55 Elevation Gain: 3720ft Drink: 5 bottles, 22oz each. 4x water, 1x GU Roctane Drink. 1 solid drink at water fountain = 120oz Food: PeanutButter filled pretzels & ClifBar. Chomps, 1/2 pack, and Roctane […]

The Long Run – weekly post #1

During my training for Kona I captured some of the big training weeks in a blog. I don’t have the time nor is it nearly that interesting in running as I prep for the Wasatch 100 mile endurance run. BUT, as I am constantly reminded by my clients and friends, there is always some tidbit […]

Some good insight

I wanted to share some solid insight from this power file from the Paris Roubaix winner this year. First – click here to take a look at the file yourself in a more raw format. But below is also how I look at the data with regards to fitness and aerobic capacity. What I wanted to […]

Better than Yesterday

Although the heart of the racing season is approaching, it still seems quite far off.  It is these weeks in March and April that truly set you up for the summer.  It is also during these weeks, since you did a better job through the winter, that you can propel ahead of where you were […]

Weekly Word: The Coaching Syllabus (re-post)

Note: I am re-posting this from Nov. 13, 2013 since I feel it still applies quite well and helps many of my newer athletes understand the training a bit better. -Chris Every year when athletes inquire with me on being coached, I get a typical question: how do you go about your coaching? Can you […]

Four Questions to start your 2016 season

As we enter into the 2015 Holiday season, it means 2016 is quickly approaching, and with it comes a fresh new start.  No matter how you did this past season, whether you totally exceeded your goals or came up a little short, you start with clean sheet into your next season. Here are a few […]

Kona 2015 Race Report (long!)

  Certainty is the confidence in our belief… It was a good year.  I knew I was fit.  I had created a great summer.  I had the classic feelings of “it’s all been worth it, no matter how race day goes”…. I had kept the training exciting with different locations, done all the training I […]

Final Days of August

Boulder day 1 Woke up Saturday in a new environment once again to train.  I have been in Boulder a few times before, but never to train.  Once again visiting my good friend and training partner from Park City who also joined me in Bend, and now here in Boulder.  He lives a good schedule […]

Days 22-25: The Short Stack

Just like eating pancakes I like to stack my training into short stacks and big stacks. Short stacks are usually super focused 2 days – either big volume or high intensity – followed a a day or two of easier training. I modeled this approach from my ultra running days – where it is quite […]

Day 21: What it all means

As I wrote my athletes today – any big training week, or multiple weeks, is only as good as your ability to come back home, into your structured training, and being able to execute the same or better than before.  Once home – on your familiar routes, your runs, your classes, your pool, your climbs, […]

Day 20: The Long Run

We woke up to a beautiful but cold morning in Bend (34 degrees…!) but we knew that starting early allowed for a bit of humidity in the air as well as better running conditions….It was a long one – we planned for 18-20 miles.  This run is quite smooth on soft single track through the […]

Day 19 – Rest/Recovery Day

After stacking 3 bigger days in a row, and a total of 15 hrs in 3 days, it was time to take an easier day.  Since I missed my swim on Thursday morning, I planned on swimming a bit longer this morning.  As with most camps, with the work being stacked, and everybody absorbing the […]

Day 18: getting to the back end

Last day of cycling in Bend.  The smoke has cleared and we started the day with a clear blue sky and views of all the seven peaks surrounding Bend.  Today the agenda called for a morning swim – 3 hrs bike with some cadence strength intervals on the climb up to Mt. Bachelor..followed by a […]

Day 17: BOR day

There are days – where you just go out and ride…long.  Why?  We had done solid quality the day before (4.5 hrs at race pace or faster) and today a 6 hr ride was scheduled.  All aerobic..it was going to be a day just like last week in Park City – 3 hrs out – […]

Day 15: Recovery Day

Day 15 was a recovery day.  Up very early for a swim, only to get to the pool to see it crazy crowded!  5:45am: packed!  Bend, I tell ya.  But we got in a nice 3600m.  Breakfast sweets at Sparrow Bakery with a perfect coffee and home to the kids for a day of camps, […]

Day 14: Sunday Sunday Sunday!

What an epic day.  Early morning start in order to beat traffic as well as get the day going as the previous day we spent all day out doing the Bend triathlon.  Makes it hard when you leave your kids al day with your friends. 37 and clear made for a chilly start but the […]

Day 13 – Bend Triathlon

After a long day of driving with the kids from SF to Bend (taught class in SF in the morning, ended the day at dinner in Bend) – I wasn’t sure how I would feel today for our triathlon training day – 1 hr swim – 3.5 hr bike – 45 min run. Started with […]

Day 12: Driving to Bend

While the day had little training – just a morning class – and although I felt really good – one can push through 90 minutes of intervals quite nicely. BUT – while driving north 8 hrs. to Bend, OR – I was thinking how well the training is going and why I felt so good […]

Day 11 – Halfway home?

Closing out a quick stay at home today in Marin.  Gorgeous day at home today – mid 80s and clear coast. The day started with a fun swim.  Always a good reminder of what swimming used to be like when swimming with all the high school kids currently.  We did a set of 200s and […]

Day 10: Air doping

Wow – that was all I could say today…After a light day of travel, swim and catching up on work, I got to be early for a good 8+ hrs of sleep in my own bed heading into today.  4:30am wake up call for Indoor Cycling class.  Great group in attendance which always makes it […]

Day 6: Tour of Utah

This is where the training plan for the month of August started lining with some great training.  Park City is that – great training, great community, great location.  Perfect day today – beautiful cool temps after late night thunderstorms here in Park City.  Clear mountain air, cool temps in the low 50s, sunny and everything […]

Day 5 of 21: Travel day

Early rise today for class as well as packing, getting kids to camp – and getting on a flight to Salt Lake to head up to Park City.  Today could not have gone smoother.  Felt great in class – with plenty of upper Zone 4 work, and a good mix of steady state tempo intervals […]

Day 4 of 21: Early Bird

Quick post today – since the workouts were quick.. Slept solid into my 5:20 alarm, then did the typical morning mind game: can I swim later?, maybe I just run first, then swim?…maybe I can run this afternoon and swim at 9:30am, maybe, maybe, maybe…but after 23 yrs of swimming and getting up for morning […]

Day 3 of 21: Short but sweet!

Early rise today.  4:30 wake up, prep for class I teach.  90 min on Computrainers, 20 bikes, fun class with music and TVs. I like class.  It’s focused quality and intensity.  Dial up a wattage, do the work, then rest.  Same environment, same machine, very replicable training and therefore valid to measure results.  Temps always […]

Day 2 of 21: A cool day in August

Rare to have cool temps here in August – actually might have been the first real cloudy day here in 2015!  But it did allow for a day with limited sunscreen and perfect training temps in the low 70s. Today the plan called for a swim, long aerobic bike and a choice run off the […]

August is gonna hurt

I don’t do blogs… But here I go.  Why?  Its August 3 and I have 10 weeks to Kona 2015.  Been here before – many times, but this will be my last one for a while.  So why a blog?  Couple of reasons: I have an epic August lined up with training.  Not on purpose, […]

IM CDA Race and nutrition plan

Pre days (as of Thursday) – arrive midday Thursday (early rise on Thursday AM – but then well hydrated and good eats while driving) – upon arrival get settled/organized in order to register and go to store for food, fuel and hydration for the next 3 days. Food will be bland – but lots of […]

Portland to SF Coast Ride | July 18-24, 2015

DATES:  July 18 – July 24.  Arrival Friday PM, the 17th as we push early Saturday morning the 18th.  We will have a fantastic group dinner to start on Friday evening in Portland.  You arrive in SF/Bay area Friday midday, July 24 ROUTE:  750 miles in 7 days.  Daily anywhere from 125 to 95 miles. […]

Coast Ride Observation

As I was riding the Coast last week I had plenty of time to myself, to think. I was riding sweep for a group of 28 cyclists, 495 miles down the CA coast from SF to Santa Monica.  In past years I used this ride for many different approaches to my training.  Last year it […]

IM Hawaii 2014 – Race Report

2014 marked a return to Kona for me. It’s been since 2011 that I raced, and quite honestly – I missed it. I like racing IM – and I surely liked racing Kona. While I can get my endurance giggles out at IMs around the world, Kona has the appeal of being the World Champs, and I have […]

Initial thoughts from Kona 2014

Thank you for the many well wishes and congrats after the race. It was not what I thought the day would bring. Early in the swim I got smacked pretty hard in the head by a paddle board oar. I doubt it was on purpose. But it left me dazed and light headed. After some […]

Understanding Z2 – Part II

After the mini camp this past weekend, I wanted to take an opportunity to go into more depth about Z2 aerobic training and how it might help if I showed you my data.  This might provide some color and clarity on how to do it – why we do it – why it is so […]

Coach Chris Hauth : Weekly Word 12/10

Hi all – First off, Happy Holidays. We are heading into crunch time at this hectic time of year, therefore you being able to find some balance with training is pretty remarkable. I know family, work and life seem to get quite overwhelming so keep on your training. It might need to be abbreviated but […]

Weekly Word: The Coaching Syllabus

Every year when athletes inquire with me on being coached, I get a typical question: how do you go about your coaching? Can you give me training samples or what a typical week looks like? After coaching for 15 years now, I do think a lot of it is based on feel, intangibles and learning […]

AIMP 2011 Camp Selections

AIMP will once again off a variety of training camps in 2011, but this year we add the newer mini camps. January 17-22 :: AIMP Coast Ride 2011 – 4 days, 565 miles, SF to LA February 17-22 :: AIMP Tucson Training Camp – 5 days, 4 nights, all inclusive camp in the warmer confines […]

Only the Lonely

I received some interesting feedback today regarding my coaching approach the last few weeks before the Ironman World Championships in Kona and I thought I would share my response as well as my coaching philosophy for these last big weeks prior to the main event. We all go into an IM knowing that there will […]

AIMP Camps – 2011

Hi all – there will once again be a few larger training camps in 2011, but also a new addition to the offering.  Mini Camps!  After a very successful IM Louisville mini camp with 6 athletes, I will be offering more of these in 2011 – small group – very focused 3 days on site […]