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Understanding the 2014 PreSeason

Here we are again – the Fall.  An easy time of year to chill out – relax, drink – eat and be merry.  We trained well, we sacrificed a lot, now its time to chill out a bit and do all those things we wanted to do many of those weekends while out training.  Some […]

IM Lake Tahoe Race Report 2013

Many of you have asked about my race in Tahoe – at IM Lake Tahoe.  Its been over 2 weeks and I always tell my athletes that they should create some space from the emotions of the race before writing up their race reports.  These can either be crazy high emotions (signing up right away […]

AIMP Camps Updates

Hi all – I am trying to gauge interest in the 2 remaining camps this season. As you can imagine, this allows for better planning & smarter logistics. PLEASE email if you plan to attend! Also feel free to share with anyone you know that might benefit from these camps for their race season. TAHOE […]

Coach’s Weekly Word: Building Trust

Building Trust. One major problem many athletes face is trusting a coach – one who they are willing to grow a relationship with, in order to then, in turn, get even better individual coaching.  There are many examples for why athletes don’t trust their coaches – and by trust I mean opening up, sharing, providing […]

Feedback // Review Of November Rail Wheels

Feedback // Review Of November Rail 52 Carbon Clincher wheels: Recently I rode the California Coast on some brand new November Bikes Rail 52 Carbon Clincher wheels.  They were sent for me to test.  By coincidence I was doing a Coast Ride with 20 clients from San Francisco to Santa Monica CA.  The is 470 […]

Coach Chris Hauth : Weekly Word 5/22

Riding down the Coast for days, one has many hours to think & plan. But more importantly as a coach, you have time to observe – many hours – a handful of athletes. This got me thinking about an article I recently read. It talked about what motivates people in different business environments. Observing the […]

Email # 3: May Coast Ride 2013

Hi all – This is the FINAL group email.  Most of you that have said you are interested in joining have already signed up – so we are almost there.  Just wanted to let you all know that there will no more bigger email going out other than to the participants. So far we are […]

Email # 2: May Coast Ride 2013

Hi all – We have a solid group heading down the Coast for 3 days on May 17, 18, 19.  Here is another email reminder/check in to join us if you like.  All the details are below in either this email or previous posted email. DEPART: Friday morning, May 17 from SF/Southern Marin.  130 miles […]

2013 Ironman Cabo San Lucas Race Report

…“Sometimes you know the story. Sometimes you make it up as you go along and have no idea how it will come out”….E. Hemingway That is the perfect description of IM Los Cabos this past weekend. Some may think Ironman becomes a routine, especially after determining just this week it was my 29 th. I […]

Weekly Word: Coaching with Color

Another good week of input and observations. As some of you have been doing, send me questions or topics you might want to see addressed in the Word. This week a topic that is a constant in the coaching profession, but my communicating this to you, the athlete, hopefully makes a difference for some of […]

Quick Word: Nutrition for Endurance Sports

In reading this publication I was again reminded that we must keep it simple and that you all need to have this individual nutrition and hydration plan worked out – with with me or without – but know what you are doing. And it underlines some KEY CONCEPTS and things you have all heard me […]

Re-engaging. A brief Word

Re-engaging. Often we overlook a very valuable training method called re-engaging. What is re-engaging? It is puling back from the current effort, speed, pace in order to re-engage with the body in a clean, efficient, effective motion focused on good technique. Once we feel the proper technique and form, we gradually dial up the speed, […]

Coach’s Weekly Word 2.10.13

Wow – I received a lot of topics this last week from all of you – good ones. Let’s not waste words or time. This week in the Word: 1) Work Travel and how to adjust training 2) Running after swimming 3) Fast vs. Hard Many of us travel for work. Whether weekly or the […]

May Coast Ride!

Hi all – Just an FYI – SAG Monkey and I are planning another Coast Ride – this May 17-19 only to Santa Barbara.  Hold the date? DATES:  Friday May 17th until Sunday May 19th. DAYS: Depart FRIDAY morning from Mill Valley/SF – arrive Sunday afternoon in Santa Barbara.  Return home THAT evening Sunday night. […]

2013 Begins!

Hi all – I am back from a week vacation with close friends and my kids.  Sorry to be off the grid somewhat last week as well as the week prior – first Xmas solo. That said – I am back excited for a new beginning in 2013 working with all of you on the […]

Training Through the Holidays

Holiday training focus – Minimize the damage. As we enter this final Holiday season push, I wanted to go over the mindset that might be helpful in your training during these harder weeks. Harder means in motivation, temptations to not work out, or even from a weight/nutrition perspective. The Holiday cookies, eggnog, boiled custard, all […]

2013 Coast Ride Update!

Hi all – We are getting close to the final emails!  As usual – all the emails I have sent out so far are attached below – this way all the info remains on this email. In 5 weeks we will be leaving down the Coast.  I have heard from MOST of you on confirmation […]

Lactate Buffering

I wanted to follow up with all of you on why we did that test set this morning in class.  Understanding why would do a workout like that will hopefully motivate you to want to see that improvement in 6 weeks. We did a few things this morning: We rode 5×5 minutes at 120% of […]

2013 AIMP Spring Training Camp

Hi all – its that time of year again to start thinking and planning for the Tucson Training Camp.  As many of you are familiar with – we spend Presidents Day every year in warm & sunny Tucson.  It sets up ideally for the spring racing season, and it refreshes & recharges the body after […]

Coach’s Weekly Word 11.30.12

Weekly Word 11/30 Bad weather training Training Hard days Coaching referrals As a solid winter storm passes through the Bay area I have gotten the first emails of the winter asking for alternative training and how/if to ride in the rain. It all depends on what your goals are for 2013 and when they are. […]

Coach’s Weekly Word 10.30.12

Hi all – As we enter the ‘darker months’ of training, I wanted to go over something. Do not overlook the continuity of our training. Many of you have big goals in triathlon – whether to improve by a fair amount in time – or to qualify for a world championship. Keep in mind, as […]

Coast Ride 2013 – Hold the date!

Hi all – Just a simple heads up and check in:  Coast Ride 2013 is coming up soon.  Most of you are quite familiar with one of the most beautiful, exciting and challenging events we do all year.  But the memories last all the way until the next Coast Ride. DATES:  January 19-22. DAYS:  Depart […]

Ironman Louisville 2012 Race Report

Become fully engaged In whatever it is you’re doing, whenever you’re doing it. You will find value in this experience… Given what this summer has been, I was not sure if racing an Ironman was such a good idea.  I left Honu feeling good about my training for a Half, but taking on an IM […]

Bikes & Brews: Biketoberfest

Hi all – I wanted to invite you all to a weekend of fun that ties into everything I enjoy:  Ride my bike and drink some good beers. In honor of the 2012 Oktoberfest in Munich (the official wooden keg tapping at noon, Sept. 22nd, until Oct. 7th – when the traditional gun salute closes the ‘festivities’) […]

Coach’s Weekly Word- 07.12.12

The ‘not so’ Weekly Word: Hi all – it has been a few weeks since my last Word. We can catch up on many open items listed below. I appreciate your patience with many delays on multiple items these past few weeks. I am still getting used to the new schedule of my life. This […]

Tahoe Camp 2012 Update

Hi all – AIMP Coaching and SAG Monkey is excited to remind you all of AIMP Coaching’s 12th annual Tahoe Summer training camp!  I can’t believe its been 12 years. Tahoe training camp has always been designed to prepare you for the second half of the season.  Whether an IM or a Half IM, it […]

Ironman Hawaii 70.3 Race Report

Ironman Hawaii/Honu 70.3 Chris Hauth Race Report June 2nd, 2012 Coming into Honu 2012 I was uncertain as to where my fitness would be.  I have had a spring of inconsistent training – but some of this might have been planned.  As I mentioned in a previous update/RR, Kona 2011 left me flat – not […]

Coach’s Weekly Word – 5.21.12

Good afternoon all – its been a few weeks since my last word, sorry for this gap – a lot has been going on, including IM St. G, a Coast Ride, the Wildflower Training Camp and now IM Texas this past weekend. But here we go: This weeks topics: 1) Rest Days 2) Nutrition / […]

Swim workouts

Hi All- Swim workouts are not posted for AIMP Athletes. http://www.aimpcoaching.com/aimp-athletes/swim-workouts/ On that note, there will be a swim this Sunday from 9am -11am at IVC. Thanks!

Coach’s Weekly Word 3.28.12

AIMP Coaching weekly update on training observations, training log notes, and general rumblings in our training group. In this ‘Word’: 1) Cold, wet weather training 2) Rest day focus 3) Swimming smarter 4) Live your own lessons! As wet winter weather has finally settled into Norther California in the past few weeks, I wanted to […]

April Coast Ride Update

Hi all – We are 6 weeks out of the April Coast Ride.  I wanted to start finalizing the size of the group, not down to a number or two, but if we will be 15 or 30! Please remember to make your hotel reservations: Hotels:  Night 1 in Marina – Holiday Inn Express // […]

Coach’s Weekly Word 03.12.12

Hi all – Before I head out to Utah St. George Mini Camp – just some input from last weeks training, logs and general observations. Some of you have asked for a good example out Workoutlog on what I am looking for in the comments section. Here is an example from last week: The Workout: […]

Wildflower Training Camp Update

Hi all – I wanted to get a sense who is looking to join me in the Wildflower Training weekend. When?  I will arrive April 12, Thursday – for some afternoon training & to set up camp.  I will depart Monday midday.  5 potential good days of training. What?  Daily swims in lake, some sweet, […]

Coach’s Weekly Word 03.07.12

Weekly Word – 3/1 I read a really good quote this week:….”it’s not the daily increase but the daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential”…. Bruce Lee. I really think this applies really well to our training. Many of you like to add training time, or insert some extra disciplines (TRX, Core, Pilates, Yoga, etc.) […]

Sharing A Good Read

A few of you have sent this to me, so I figured I’d share with all. I wouldn’t say ‘outstanding’, but some solid points.  I will share this opinion though:  Not every athlete needs a Peak:  many athletes can have their BEST performance just off a build and then some rest.  A peak brings about […]

Coach’s Weekly Word 03.06.12

Hi all – Below are 2x YouTube videos for swimming illustration.  I know the first is animated – but it highlights the 10 things I work on with swimming.  I hope it is helpful to describe what I yap about Sundays at the pool. The second is Ian Thorpe:  It is to show you that […]

Oceanside 70.3 & IM St. George Bike Transport!

Hi all – As you all know SAG Monkey and his incredible service in the meantime, Nick has also agreed to bring bikes to Oceanside and IM St. George (instead of me!).  With both events he will also be offering Valet service, meaning he will drop off at your location in Oceanside area or St. […]

Coach’s Weekly Word 2/14/2012

Happy Valentines Day! After a busy week last week I am catching up on the weekly word again. Some of the topics I wanted to go over: 1) Supplements 2) Avg. Speed on the bike 3) Swimming tight 4) Log details 5) Nutrition & Hydration during your training I received a bunch of questions the […]

Coach’s Weekly Word – 2/3/2012

This week I wanted to talk about training when sick. It seems there are a few different bugs out there that have many of you sick. Whether sick, exhausted, under the weather, let’s talk a bit about why training when sick or run down is not effective. The whole point of us training is to […]

Mini Camp IM St. George

Hi all – I will again head to St. George Utah in prep for IM St. George in May.  Although I am not racing it this year – this is my 4th training/racing weekend there – and there is plenty of wisdom to gain from training on the course prior to the race. WHAT is […]

IM CA 70.3 Oceanside Bike Transport

Hi all – Just wanted to remind/give you a heads up that I will be driving to IM 70.3 California and taking bikes.  As you all have seen, I rent a trailer and will bring your bikes and bags to the race.  I am there coaching, might as well bring your bikes too. Feel free […]

Coach’s Weekly 01.10.12

Hi all – Welcome to 2012. I look forward to such an exciting year in coaching you all towards your goals, as well as being on those race sidelines with you. It’s an Olympic year – which is always special in my world as I only ‘age’ based on the olympiad clock… Despite us not […]

Tucson Spring Training Camp- Update #2

I wanted to follow up with you all in the new year for the AIMP Spring Training Camp in Tucson.  18 of you have already responded that you would like to attend.  I need to finalize rooms and suites by the 16th of January, so things are moving quickly. I will open up to non […]

Coach Chris Hauth : Weekly Update 12/14

Hi all – I am writing you all from a BIG shiny new Apple screen, 27inches of High Def perfect picture quality. Ride files look amazing this big…:-) THANK YOU – thank you all for your kind gift for my birthday – I really appreciate it. I am quite lucky to have a great coaching […]

Coach’s Weekly Word 12.07.11

Hi all – Many things to get to this week. We have a lot of new athletes starting Dec. 1, and a bunch of returnees. It’s great to have you all aboard (again) and I look forward to an exciting 2012 season. Last week we had some great Marathon results. We had an AIMPer just […]

Coach’s Weekly Update 11.30.11

Good morning all – I am writing this on the flight home from Kona. Being there the last few days, riding the course & running on the course, it gave me an opportunity to enjoy the surroundings without the stress and craziness of IM World Championships. It also allowed me to look at the year […]

Coach’s Weekly Update 11.22.11

Hi All – A great weekend of personal bests in Arizona. A very fast day across the board, but great, consistent and courageous performances by all the AIMP (and former AIMP) athletes. IM AZ reminded me about an important aspect of our season. IM performances are often fast late in the season (or feel good) […]

Coast Ride 2012

Hi all – As we approach the Holiday season, I wanted to throw out the perfect way to completely put any fitness lull behind you, as well as any Holiday overeating…The Coast Ride 2012. As some of you may have heard – we have moved the Coast Ride to a weekend. We will depart the […]

Coach’s Weekly Update 11.14.11

Hi there – I’ve gotten a fair amount of positive feedback from last weeks update so I am thinking we can continue. Turkey Day Ride or Run: for those of you local – it would be great to get a big group together and go for a ride (in decent weather) or a run (in […]

Weekly Update 11.08.11

Hi all – I figure we start a weekly update in here – as many of you have said you used to enjoy the weekly Monday Morning Quarterback email I sent out. Most of my commentary and observations go out on Twitter, so be sure to follow there for multiple inputs per week. And, no […]

Strength, Stability & Core Training

Often we think of the fall or end of the racing season as the off season. It is true that we need to give our body some time off, especially after the rigors of an Ironman or multiple Half IM season. But too often we go from training our body to being the fittest it […]

November Update

Hi All: I look forward to starting with all of you soon for 2012, as it is time to get the preseason work going in order for all of us not to feel rushed into 2012.  Just an idea of what this planning looks like: 22 weeks until California 70.3 27 weeks until IM SG […]

Coach Chris Hauth : November 1

Hi all – October is over and I am back from the month-long vacation (or so it felt) – in Hawaii and Mexico. I thank you all for your patience and look forward to starting the 2012 season with you all today. What does that mean? While some of you still have a few A […]

Ironman Arizona 2011 Bike Transport Details

Bike transport details- Ironman Arizona: $250 per bike.  $25 per bag.  Bike can stay as is.  Only pedals off.  ($50 cheaper than TriBike!) Drop off Wednesday, November 16, or Thursday AM at Breakaway SF……places to be determined based on customer and us making it easy for them. IM AZ Thursday PM as well as Fri […]

2011 IM Kona Race Report

Kona 2011 It is a different feeling knowing that even a perfect race would not have been a winning time for me. Sure, I can start adding minutes to subtract from my day, but going by a 10 year moving average in Kona results, I think I can accurately place my run time had I […]

Coaching for 2012 and Beyond

With a new season coming upon us, I’d like to outline a few changes to how I will approach my coaching for 2012 and beyond. I have been coaching for 12 years now.  It started in the winter of 2000 with a few friends asking for advice, to it being my full time profession since 2006. […]

Offseason Improvement

Off season for those looking to achieve big goals? How is it athletes think that taking months off or with less training, unstructured etc. is preparing them for a better result/performance in the next season? How long does it take YOU to return to YOUR ideal fitness? How does an athlete improve if they get […]

AIMP’s Steve Fried- from midpack to Kona!

  Chris, Dude!  I still can’t believe it, from midpack to Kona.  THANKS! When I signed up with AIMP in August 2008, I knew that you could help me get faster.  As a 12:30 IM and 5:20 1/2  IM guy, there was certainly plenty of room for improvement!  After the 2009 season, we had already made […]

IM St. George Observations

IM St. G – Race Observations I knew it was going to be hot, I knew it was going to be hard.  I have been the one preaching to my athletes:  prepare for a hot St. George.  The average temps there in May is mid 80s.  But, wow, the course really knows how to kick […]

Race Observations: California 70.3

Rather than bore you all with the usual race report, I thought I would add some insight on what my prep has been for the 2011 campaign so far, and what I observed from the race on Saturday, the Rohto Ironman 70.3 California. These observations are not only from my own race perspective, but as […]

IM Louisville mini camp

For those of you doing IM Louisville or just want a great weekend of training in July, I will be in Louisville for a mini camp July 7-10.  This is our 2nd annual IM Louisville mini camp with last year being a great success.  Matt Rose, coach of Dynamo Multisport will also be coaching.  Matt […]

Utah Mini Camp – LAST CHANCE

Hi all – Just a last chance heads up for the Utah Mini Camp. If you want to join I need to know ASAP. WHY? Because to make this easy for you all, we are coordinating minivans and flights into Vegas so that you can all drive together etc. I will bring bikes for those […]

Ironman St. George Mini Camp, March 10-13

Hi all – Just a short note that I am starting to finalize our Ironman St. George Mini Camp, March 10-13 in St. George, Utah. WHAT: a mini camp is a short, 2.5 day, camp at the race site. We ride & run the course in prep for IM and become familiar with all aspects […]

September 2010 Coast Ride Update

Here some updated information: The Coast Ride is Thursday Sept. 9 through Saturday Sept. 11.  For Folks racing Kona in October: I can’t stress the importance of getting in these 365 miles in 3 days with 40 minute runs off the bike each day! There is no cost:  just the hotel rooms you want (or […]

September Coast Ride 2010

Hi all – The rumors are true – there will be a September Coast Ride.  We depart SF on Thursday morning, Sept. 9th returning on the 11th.  We ride 3 days to Santa Barbara.  We drive back Saturday evening. This is a NON SUPPORTED ride down the coast and somewhat triathlon focused as we have […]

AIMP at IM Regensburg 2011

Hi all – As many of you have heard – AIMP is going overseas next year to IM Regensburg 2011(August 2011).  I will be not only organizing all the logistics for this IM, but since this is an IM in the same town as I went to boarding school for 8 years, the ‘amenities’ will […]

IM Louisville Mini Camp

Hi all – In case you are in the Louisville area July 21-24, feel free to join us at our Louisville mini camp. We will be riding the course, swimming the river and running Churchill Downs in prep for IM LOU a few weeks later. This is one of my rare race prep weekends as […]

Tahoe 2010 is almost here!

Hi all – Tahoe 2010 is almost here. We have two house reserved from August 1-8 with 10+ bedrooms total. This means we check in SUNDAY mid afternoon and check out Sunday MID morning. How this works? This is not a formal training camp like Tucson, instead a training week of split costs etc. For […]

AIMP Workouts this week: 5/10

Hi there – These weeks are busy – plenty of AIMP workouts. This week: Tuesday AM – Indoor Cycling from 6-7:30am Tuesday PM – Run – Track – Meet at Tam High Track – 5pm – 60ish minutes. Thursday AM – Indoor Cycling from 6-7:30am Thursday AM – 9:30 am ride from Mill Valley. 2-3 […]

Tahoe Training Camp 2010

Hi all – It has not been on the website so I wanted to give you all the heads up for the dates and format: For our 10th YEAR!!…….: AIMP 2010 Summer training week – Donner Lake & Lake Tahoe August 1-8, 2010 FYI – NO TAHOE NEXT YEAR: AIMP will be in Germany racing […]