ROKA wetsuit demo and OW swim clinic. Sunday, March 15th


On Sunday, March 15th, up at the IVC pool, we will be offering a ROKA open water swim clinic and opportunity to demo these industry leading wetsuits.  Along with our usual weekly swim practice…

  • We will have plenty of ROKA wetsuits and demos to choose from with many different sizes.
  • We will simulate some open water swimming with no lanes lines and buoy swims (8-9am).
  • We will offer a longer – steady – open water ‘like’ swim practice while you are waiting to demo your suits.
  • We will have plenty of open water tips, instruction and a forum to ask plenty of triathlon swim questions.
  • Bring your own wetsuit to compare, also learn some tips on how you wetsuit should fit, how to get in and out quickly etc.

Time:  8-11am – but based on your interest to try the demos, we have the pool all morning into the afternoon. Arrive early as we will have the lane lines out and open water demo with buoy swim from 8-9am.

Discounts: There will be a specific discount code to purchase any of the ROKA suits if you attend the clinic & demo.

Who?  Anyone can attend or join – please feel free to share this.

Where: IVC is the Indian Valley, College of Marin Campus.  At the end of Ignacio Blvd. in Novato.  Outdoor 50m pool.

Cost?  $10 for the drop in to swim, demo, learn etc.  We offer this organized swim every week with 2 coaches on deck etc., so $10 gets you this and the entire swim clinic & demo day!

Feel free to email me any questions!

Tahoe Camp 2012 Update

Hi all –

AIMP Coaching and SAG Monkey is excited to remind you all of AIMP Coaching’s 12th annual Tahoe Summer training camp!  I can’t believe its been 12 years.
Tahoe training camp has always been designed to prepare you for the second half of the season.  Whether an IM or a Half IM, it is a great week of bigger training and beautiful training opportunities.
HOW will it work this year?  Most of you have your own housing opportunities up in Tahoe.  Therefore Nick (SAG Monkey) and I will rent only one bigger house that will serve as headquarters for the week.  BBQ’s, post race relax time, bike mechanical work, dinners, breakfasts when organized, etc. at the house.  We will also meet there and coordinate training rides, runs and just have it as a general camp house.  I am looking for a house ON Donner Lake.
A few people can stay with us in that house – but mainly I am counting on you all finding your own housing – or having your own housing organized.
MEALS: Some meals will be organized.  It depends on what all of the camp attendees would like.  Nick can prep some great meals and BBQ’s.
TRAINING:  The training will be big.  Mainly aerobic – big miles – and I can go into more detail what this means and how important aerobic is when doing a big training week, but this is a big week of training.  We will swim practically every morning, we will be riding plenty long miles, and lots of transition runs and longer trail runs.
MASSAGE can be organized – depends on you and your needs.  If we have enough demand – might be worth bringing someone up.
WHO:  anyone can join.  Friends, other athletes.  It is open.  Please feel free to share this with your training partners etc.  It’s supposed to be a fun, unique and SOLID training week.  Also – if you or anyone is planning IM Tahoe next year – this might not be a bad idea to find out what you got yourself into.
SAG:  special this year is the SAG Monkey.  All our rides and a few runs will be SAGged.  Having the support of the Monkey Mobile along with his helping hand will allow for a better and unique camp experience.
WHEN:  Camp is from July 29 – August 5th.  Join for the week or just a few days, or just a weekend.
COSTS:  We will divide the costs of all into the daily participants.  So, for example:  if we have 12 people taking part early in the camp, those days the costs of SAG, house, and support, or dinners and whatever we decide, will be decided by 12.  If only 6 participants, divided by 6.  As many past participants remember, it is a simple non profit camp.
SCHEDULE:  as we get closer to the event, I will send out a schedule for the week.  As many of you know, the schedule is flexible as it depends on the training load, weather and overall group dynamics etc.  But it will give you an opportunity to review which days (or all) you want to attend.
Please let me know if you plan to attend.  More details to come – but for now just want to get a sense on who will join and prep with housing/camp logistics.

September 2010 Coast Ride Update

Here some updated information:

The Coast Ride is Thursday Sept. 9 through Saturday Sept. 11.  For Folks racing Kona in October: I can’t stress the importance of getting in these 365 miles in 3 days with 40 minute runs off the bike each day!

There is no cost:  just the hotel rooms you want (or split) – and the van costs for the ride home – and a contribution to the SAG van driver(s)

Hotels are: Holiday Inn Express In Marina, CA – Ascott Inn in Morro Bay – and I will organize a few rooms at the Pacific Suites in Santa Barbara so we can shower up and get home.   MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW – I WILL NOT BE DOING FOR YOU.

I have a few minivans rented for the return trip.  This cost we split by people driving home in vans with bikes of course too.

Massage: if you can convince Paul to give you a massage – more power to you!

SAG: we will have 2 cars driving to the hotels as needed.  Expectations should be clear that we put bags in the vans/cars in the morning at hotel, and see the bags again at night at the hotel.  No plans for little change of clothes or drink or a chocolate chip cookie with milk at mile 90….

We meet and PUSH from Mill Valley at 8am on Thursday, Sept. 9. Rolling by the GGB at 8:45am….and into Pacifica Surf Spot at 9:45am

Bags for SAG need to be dropped off at our office in Mill Valley by Wed. afternoon or if you are flying in let me know so I can make reservations for hotel here in Mill Valley.

Let me know of questions!

Chris Hauth
AIMP Coaching Services
Skype: aimpcoach
Twitter: AIMPCoach

September Coast Ride 2010

Hi all –

The rumors are true – there will be a September Coast Ride.  We depart SF on Thursday morning, Sept. 9th returning on the 11th.  We ride 3 days to Santa Barbara.  We drive back Saturday evening.

This is a NON SUPPORTED ride down the coast and somewhat triathlon focused as we have added a layer of ‘fun’ to it.

YES, we will run every day off the bike, 30-40 minutes, besides in Santa Barbara – gotta get on the road.

YES, this is primarily a prep ride and training week for IM Kona, IM AZ, and any other IM in the fall. BUT, not exclusively for IM.

YES, the rumors are true that some of us will stay in Santa Cruz on the way home and race Big Kahuna on Sunday, Sept. 12th…

YES the level of riders will vary, but anybody can do this:  keep the Ocean on your right.  So many Coast Rides, the arrows on the road truly bring you to Santa Barbara…or even San Diego if you choose.

YES, you will know where to go and not feel overwhelmed.

YES, it is a 135 Day 1, 115 Day 2, 120 miles Day 3…but you have nothing else to do, so it’s not like you are in that much of a hurry.

YES, it is challenging, but not hard.

YES, it is a TON of FUN.  Great memories, good times and how often does one have the ability to do this?

YES, if we have enough people, we can have someone SAG our bags for us and we ‘tip’ them fairly.  Worked well in May…

NO, it does not cost money:  just what hotel rooms you book (I will send details), how badly we want our bags SAG’ed for us and how much you want to eat every day…:-)

NO, you will not be alone and lost somewhere on the Pacific Coast – ask Nicky – she dropped all of us…

NO, this is not on a motorcycle.  This is for Bicycles.

NO, I don’t need to know if you are NOT going.  I am going, 5 others are too, just send me a heads up that you are joining too.

Please email me if you are interested:

More details to come..stay tuned..

Tahoe 2010 Summer Training Camp Schedule

Sunday, August 1:  4 hour ride with 1 hr transition run – all pre house check in.

Monday, August 2: morning full lake 3 mile swim + easy but paced run around the lake + afternoon spin.

Tuesday, August 3: 45 min lake swim + 4 hr bike + 1.5 hr run off the bike.

Wednesday, August 4: 6 hr bike around Lake Tahoe and 50ish minute transition run

Thursday, August 5: REST DAY:  only a morning 1 hr swim

Friday, August 6: 4.5 hr ride + 1:20 run off the bike

Saturday, August 7th: 45 minute morning swim + 1:45-2hr trail run

Sunday, August 8: 1 hr swim:  Check out at 12 noon.

IM Louisville Mini Camp

Hi all –

In case you are in the Louisville area July 21-24, feel free to join us at our Louisville mini camp. We will be riding the course, swimming the river and running Churchill Downs in prep for IM LOU a few weeks later. This is one of my rare race prep weekends as I won’t be able to attend IM LOU – we will go over course strategy, nutrition, race day management, and of course: proper hydration.

I write this knowing a few of you are coming, but in case any of you are there or want to join, more than welcome to join the festivities and ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS or people you may suggest want to stop by?


Tahoe 2010 is almost here!

Hi all –

Tahoe 2010 is almost here. We have two house reserved from August 1-8 with 10+ bedrooms total. This means we check in SUNDAY mid afternoon and check out Sunday MID morning.

How this works? This is not a formal training camp like Tucson, instead a training week of split costs etc. For some of you this might mean some extra coaching and this will roll somewhat into a training camp atmosphere, but overall the costs are quite low. ANYONE can join – this is not just AIMP athletes – but I will reserve the initial spaces in the 2 houses for AIMP athletes first…

HOUSING: Most of you have you own and we coordinate rides and run daily from the swims in the morning. We will be swimming in Donner Lake EVERY morning besides Wednesday, August 4, and Saturday August 7. FOR THOSE OF YOU staying in one of the AIMP rented homes, all we do is divide the nightly cost of the home by the number of occupants…and there is your nightly cost. Please let me know what nights you plan to attend and I will coordinate houses and rooms for you. Yes, you have your own bed, and those of you who just want to keep it simple and crash for a night, we factor that into cheaper housing of course. BUT, THOSE UP FOR THE FULL WEEK HAVE HOUSING PRIORITY.

FOOD: As out LA boys will tell you – you are on your own. Unlike Tucson there are no meals included and you have your kitchens etc. to get in what you need. We will go out for dinner as a group again as usual towards the latter half of the week, but the remainder of the time we keep it simple in prep for our important training the next days and the multiple workouts per day. We do cook together in the houses I rented AND they are next to each other, so we often cook in one house or the other.

TRAINING: Most of you are on a similar plan. This is for safety and group training purposes. Different this year is that I will not be along for all the workouts. I WILL ASSIST in some training as I can help you on rides with some SAG and other support – but as I have Leadville a few weeks after, I am in a different training space. But we swim every day – we ride 4-6 hrs 4 days, run almost every day, and eventually end up training about 32 hrs in 8 days…For those of you CONFIRMED – I am starting to enter the plan into your Workoutlog.

REMAINING TIME: on average we are training about 4-5 hrs a day but some of the days only 1-2. The remainder of the time is spent relaxing and recovering etc. Of course – its Tahoe and there is also plenty of fun to be had.

MASSAGE: It wouldn’t be an AIMP camp without massage. This is also not included like Tucson, and once I have you confirmed, I will coordinate with Paul Whiting for your schedule – meaning Paul will reach out to you. As you can imagine – there will be plenty of demand, but also plenty of down time to catch up with Paul for some body work.

EXTRAS: I will be video taping (swim – bike & run) – going over some run form – working on your cycling motion – during this week. We will coordinate up there for those times and how we want to coordinate with my training. But those of you in want of this – let me know!

Donner TAHOE SWIM: In the past we have messed around with this – but in order for that Saturday to be a decent and SAFE training day – I prefer to get you on the road earlier that day. We will have swum the length of Tahoe by then 2x already and waiting around until 8:30am for this swim to start and paying $50 is not worth it. Many years we have started at 7 and been done by the time the race even starts – yet done the same swim for free!

CONFIRMING: Please email me that you are attending (DATES!) unless you are

The Blancos







Please let me know of ANY questions and logistics…I look forward to seeing you up there and this should be another great week, our 10th ANNUAL!!

AIMP Workouts this week: 5/10

Hi there –

These weeks are busy – plenty of AIMP workouts. This week:

Tuesday AM – Indoor Cycling from 6-7:30am
Tuesday PM – Run – Track – Meet at Tam High Track – 5pm – 60ish minutes.

Thursday AM – Indoor Cycling from 6-7:30am
Thursday AM – 9:30 am ride from Mill Valley. 2-3 hrs via Nicasio etc.

Sunday AM – 8:30 am SWIM at Indian Valley College of Marin – no Tam High this week
Sunday AM – 10am BIKE 2 hrs from IVC (plus a run for some too!)

See you at any of the workouts.

Tahoe Training Camp 2010

Hi all –

It has not been on the website so I wanted to give you all the heads up for the dates and format:

For our 10th YEAR!!…….:

AIMP 2010 Summer training week – Donner Lake & Lake Tahoe
August 1-8, 2010

FYI – NO TAHOE NEXT YEAR: AIMP will be in Germany racing IM Regensburg as a group/team in 2011.

HOW: I rent two houses for those that need a place to stay. Many stay with friends or at family homes or rent their own houses.

WHAT: We ride, run and swim a lot every day. Beautiful rides, great runs and the best (in my opinion) swimming.

WHO: Anybody can join. Just a training week, so whatever or however you need to – we can do all up there.

WHO: Great for late season IM training, Half IM training and general kick ass fun traincation. IMC and IM LOU of course a great last push.

COST: NONE – if you are staying in the houses I rent, then we divide that up fairly by days there and people in house etc. You pay your own food, transport etc.

I will try to get a head count soon, but for now, save the date. IF you already know you are coming, then let me know.


AIMP Summer Workouts

Hi all –

Just an FYI that going forward, into the summer – I will be organizing a Thursday ride in Marin for those of you with the flexibility and schedule to join. Usually 3-4 hrs, but can occasionally kick up to 5 hrs. I am also working on an afternoon run on TUESDAYS, trail, track or pavement, depending on time of year. This run will be at 5pm in SOUTHERN Marin, like just over the GG Bridge for trails and Tam High for track days. Lastly – Sunday swims remain on the schedule and begin again this weekend at TAM High – 8:30am to 10am.

I will send out this email for workouts – meeting times and distance every week.

THIS THURSDAY: 10am – 3.5 hrs – pushing from Mill Valley base of Camino Alto. Riding Pt. Reyes Station. Join in if you like.