Portland to SF Coast Ride | July 18-24, 2015

DATES:  July 18 – July 24.  Arrival Friday PM, the 17th as we push early Saturday morning the 18th.  We will have a fantastic group dinner to start on Friday evening in Portland.  You arrive in SF/Bay area Friday midday, July 24

ROUTE:  750 miles in 7 days.  Daily anywhere from 125 to 95 miles.  Approx 40,000 ft. of climbing, whereby most of the climbing is day 4-6.

  • Day 1 – 93 miles into Newport OR
  • Day 2 – 125 miles into Bandon, OR
  • Day 3 – 111 miles into Crescent City, CA
  • Day 4 – 106 miles into Fortuna, CA
  • Day 5 – 125 miles to Fort Bragg, CA – HARDEST DAY – 10k ft. of climbing
  • Day 6 – 110 miles into Bodega Bay/Occidental, CA
  • Day 7 – 75 miles over the GGB into SF!

PLANS:  We will only be taking 25 riders on this first tour.  We will be taking deposits in March to get riders confirmed.  Email me now to be on the early list.  It will fill!

PRICING:  This will be similar to the California Coast Ride, but with the mobile kitchen/dinner as well as extra SAG staff for this challenging route, approx. $40 more per day.

If seriously considering, please email Chris now to reserve a spot until deposits are needed.

Tahoe Training Camp Recap

First of all – THANK YOU for joining the AIMP Tahoe Training camp – in its 14th edition!  While the camp has changed over the years (from free – to fee – back to free) the format has stayed the same for 1.5 decades!!  That said, the faces have changed, I’ve gotten older – but the fun, the adventures and the character always remains great.  I plan to do it again next year – even if I am training for something different.

Some highlights of this week…:

MONDAY – the week started off sorta crazy with cold, blustery rain and a really gnarly day.  After a rain immune swim in Donner, we had people get lost, stop, crash and freeze!  It was an ominous start.  But nonetheless all persevered AND actually stayed for Day 2!

TUESDAY was actually the ideal day.  Swim in the rain and a cloudy, cool long trail run.  An out and back, who could get lost??

WEDNESDAY the weather started to turn and we had a great 100 mile ride around Lake Tahoe under sunny skies.  Most got their day done before too much traffic showed up and we were all ‘mostly’ done before an afternoon thunderstorm came rolling in.

THURSDAY was our recovery day – for most.  We swam 3.1 miles across Donner Lake with a full day off as of 8:30am…or 9:30.

FRIDAY was our epic day.  Most rode anywhere from 100-136 miles with a few 144 milers and a solo 150 mile ‘navigationally’ challenged rider.  7-11 hrs of cycling with plenty of climbing over Yuba Pass and Gold Lakes kept everyones ride honest.  As usual the Canadian in our group lost her sunscreen.

SATURDAY had another swim and a gorgeous trail run/hike for a couple of hours up on the Pacific Crest Trail.  All above 7000ft altitude, the views and the terrain was a great finish to the Training Camp.

Hope you all made it home safe – are eating well, hydrating and recovering…from a big training week, or in terms of our Camper of the week, Byron…42 hrs of training in 7 days!

tahoe-campI must say – I was quite impressed with all of your training this week.  Some of you ran 6 hrs, some of you rode your bike for 150 miles, and some actually swam for 2.5 hrs!!  As some of you might have heard, I don’t always do this ‘rendition’ of camp.  Often the Friday ride starts and ends in Sierraville.  Rarely do we go that long/far on the Pacific Crest.  And  most of the years not so many in the group persevere like y’all did.  It made the week fun for me too, watching you do it all!

I hope you all learned a little bit here and there, feel good about your training load and can look back on your next hard training day or race with a little smirk…

As always – please do not hesitate to send me any questions.  Stay healthy!

Oh – and Camper of the Week, Byron?  You’ll be getting something helpful from ROKA soon.  You don’t need any help biking or running….