Chris coaching at his annual Tuscon training camp.

Chris coaching at his annual Tuscon training camp.

AIMP is an advanced training program for the experienced triathlete. Long distance triathlon is a serious endeavor and although there are plenty of athletes that just ‘give it a whirl’, the distance contains risks with every mile you go past that start line. Whether you are looking to finish feeling strong & with a smile, or looking to race for a result, a Half or Full Ironman contains too many variables that cannot be avoided. With outstanding preparation and knowledge going into your event, many of these variables can be controlled and even embraced. This is where effective coaching comes into play.

You may be the athlete that has successfully completed an Ironman training program and is looking to advance their training OR you may be the athlete looking to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. Many athletes join AIMP to finish their Ironman feeling strong with the best possible result or for that last step needed in qualifying for Kona. For either outcome, AIMP was designed to help you reach that next level.


AIMP applies the concepts of periodization in conjunction with exercise physiology. Determining thresholds are the crucial beginnings of an effective, individual training plan. Manipulating the volume and intensity of the workouts to achieve a targeted goal for a training phase are built around these figures.

AIMP is an online coaching program with daily interaction with the coach via email, phone and/or in person. This program offers unique opportunity for athletes to train with qualified athletes (if local) as well as access to a coach that has won Ironman, Half Ironman and has numerous IM Kona results. This program has a limited number of clients to ensure that you get the highest possible level of attention. All training plans and workouts are custom tailored to your individual needs, based on the testing & science, with the absolute goal of being prepared on race day with outstanding fitness, an applicable race strategy and the confidence to execute the training from the past months. The coach knows your race schedule, has an Annual Training Plan (ATP) and every workout is be designed accordingly.

This program differentiates itself from other programs in that the coaching is hands on and doesn’t follow the usual coach – athlete format. AIMP is designed to provide continuous interaction between the athletes, an open forum to discuss training philosophies and work together to formulate a successful, individually tailored training schedule. Training schedules are written individually and based upon testing, athlete input & prescribed workouts, especially with regards to focusing on a specific sport such as cycling or running.

This program is not designed for athletes that need to be ‘hand held’ through the training season, the expectation is that the athlete remains focused and follows the program closely. Logging workouts accurately and consistently within the online training tool is extremely important to solidify the coach-athlete relationship as well as understand recovery, schedule conflicts and general health of the athlete. AIMP follows a format that is constantly updated and discussed by athletes and other coaches at the highest level of the sport. This is designed to keep the program unique and up to date with the latest coaching methodologies. Attendance at scheduled workouts is not required although when the opportunity arises, highly suggested. It provides a great opportunity for the coach to properly gauge progress and monitor health & fitness.