Helping athletes reach their endurance goals since 1995

After spending over a decade of not racing triathlons, I chose Chris Hauth to coach me for the 2018 season. Chris demonstrates a thorough knowledge of training and racing based on over two decades of coaching and competing. As a new father and business executive I needed a training plan that would allow me to achieve my desired outcomes (Top 3 in my Age group at Ironman Qualifer, Qualify for Kona, Top 20 overall in Age group qualifier, and break 10 hrs in Kona) while balancing my other life commitments.

Chris provides very clear guidance that is timely which allows me to plan out my entire Life schedule for the week. The Ironman coaching Chris provided was outstanding, I have never felt more prepared to execute on race day. I truly enjoyed the way Chris challenged me mentally, to really think through all details of my racing and training. I believe this afforded me the opportunity to achieve more than I thought I was capable of. I would highly recommend Chris to any endurance athlete who is serious about achieving their best desired outcome.

-Ryan Kennedy
AIMP Athlete

AIMP is an advanced training program not in complexity or level of athlete ability, but instead it focuses on bringing out the best current potential of the athlete.  Whatever event you may have signed up for, adventure you are planning, in order to successfully complete the event, we want to maximize your fitness and mental strength for the event.  Ultra endurance adventures are a serious endeavor and although there are plenty of athletes that just ‘give it a whirl’, the distances contain risks with every mile past the start line.  Whether you are just looking to finish strong and with a smile, or looking to race for a result, a longer endurance adventure contains too many variables that cannot be avoided.  With outstanding preparation and knowledge going into your event, many of these variables can be controlled and even embraced.  This is where effective coaching comes into play. 

You may be the athlete that has successfully completed an Ironman and is looking to advance their training to thrive, not just survive, the distance.  You may have bigger endurance & ultra endurance goals, but in order to grow into the longer endeavors, you need to learn how to execute the more familiar distances better.  Or you may be creating your own adventure.  For any desired outcome, any adventure, any endurance challenge, AIMP was designed to help you reach your best athletic potential.

Coaching Plan

This program, with its combination of foundation and 16 week preparation for specific events is designed to maximize your training effectiveness while minimizing your risk of overtraining or injury.

Coaching Philosophy

Going long requires outstanding fitness and superior event day execution, combined with a healthy dose of self-control. In seeking to create the optimum training program, there are critical factors within the training plan and part of the coaching philosophy.