Coaching Plan

The Plan


Training programs are based upon a 24-30 week preparation (6 month minimum) for a key event as well as building a successful foundation (base).  A successful foundation entails 6-12 weeks of low intensity, base building endurance that promotes good technique and strong core strength, preparing the body for the rigors of a long distance event training program.  This foundation is often preceded and at times coincides with a comprehensive strength program.  The foundation (base) will be evaluated by the coach, combined with current physiological testing and when necessary, extended.  This program, with its combination of foundation and 16 week preparation for specific events is designed to maximize your training effectiveness while minimizing your risk of overtraining or injury.


The Plan gives you daily specific instructions regarding:

  • Your personal, custom built program and why.
  • Which sport (or sports) to do when and how.
  • Duration to train & intensity at which to train each discipline.
  • When to rest and what forms of rest (active or passive).
  • Periodization and tapering.


Deliverables included in the AIMP Program:

  • Workoutlog or TrainingPeaks subscription
  • Goal setting sessions – Season Planning – Annual Training Plan (ATP)
  • Access to AIMP workout libraries.
  • Unlimited program adjustment and email feedback
  • Mindset coaching to ensure you will be prepared for your Ultra Endurance event.
  • Unlimited email coaching interaction
  • Education, articles and The Weekly Word Podcast.


AIMP Coaching from Chris Hauth:

  • A training program that not only incorporates the athlete’s individual feedback and test results but also addresses race strategy, mindset, as well as nutrition.
  • Training and racing/event tips with each training program.
  • Specific event characteristics factored into the training regime.
  • Weekly ride & run file analysis of training data


Cost: $375 per month.  This requires a 6 month minimum.

Train according to a philosophy that has worked for past IM Hawaii champions, Western States top 10 finishers and elite Ultra Endurance athletes from around the world.  This is why the results of Chris Hauth’s AIMP athletes speak for themselves – from overall Amateur World Champions & world records to top age group finishers, CEO Challenge winners and numerous personal bests.  The program prides itself on results through outstanding preparation, a strong mind and a commitment to the ultra endurance lifestyle.


AIMP Training Camps

Training camps are a key ingredient in the AIMP coaching plan. It allows the athlete to train with peers, professionals and spend uninterrupted time with the coaching staff on hand. It also provides the athletes the opportunity to work with Chris Hauth individually for the duration of the camp and then apply any inputs and adjustments to the training plan (key for the athlete that is not local). Training camps are also a healthy way to increase the training load under close supervision in prep for any Ultra Endurance event.