You can book a 1-hour consultation to discuss coaching, training plans, season scheduling, race strategy
(or anything else you want to discuss) for $300.

60-minute Skype/Phone consultation with Chris Hauth

Many athletes can’t commit to my coaching.  Whether it is for financial reasons, being new to endurance athletics, or their time available.  

For these athletes, I offer a 1 hour consultation to go over their training plan, help them build their schedule, season plan, race selection and insights.  The discussions range from nutrition to race strategy, strength training to which type of intervals are needed for a sport specific improvement.  My goal is to have you walk away with a good plan and structure for the next 10-12 weeks.

After 12 weeks I provide an email check-in to see how the athlete is doing, whether we need another call, and how I can provide any more insights or service for the ultra endurance endeavors.

 To get the process started, please fill out the consultation form. After I have received your information, I will contact you via email.

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*Please note the consult is call only, not video.