Cycling field test

  • Long version: 2 x 10 minutes BEST EFFORT with 4-5 minutes rest in between
  • Short version: 4 minutes BEST EFFORT

Both test require best effort, all out, but mentally, for obvious reasons, the 2 x 10 test is a lot harder. I usually get a good insight into the athlete pacing ability, awareness of pain threshold, and mental fortitude on the longer test.

The shorter test does allow for a positive experience for many athletes and a fearless push to the best possible watts. The data can be applied and interpreted differently for both. Rest between the 2×10 is approx. 4-5 min. The longer test gives us an idea of threshold as a percentage of the data; doing the interval 2x validates the data and tosses out starting too hard or too easy.

Feel free to send the data afterwards and I will gladly give you my interpretation of where I would put your heart rate zones.