The Weekly Word Podcast – deconstructing training, racing and mindset in Ultra Endurance

The Weekly Word Podcast was started for the athletes of AIMP. Not only was I repeating a lot of my emails and commentary for my athletes, I also noticed that whatever I was explaining applied to most endurance athletes as well. Whether at Training Camps or on other Podcasts, the feedback has always been that what I am sharing is valuable to many and I should do more of this. With that, I started the Weekly Word Podcast.

Each week I break down training trends I see from the hundreds of training logs I receive daily. My athletes are great about providing valuable insights, observations and asking great questions in their logs. From that I build topics to discuss in the ultra endurance training world. I also receive plenty of emails with suggested topics, questions and general ideas for the Podcast.

The format is simple:

• A short intro with the main topic of the week.
• Quick hits: a list of questions, insights and observations from the previous week of emails and training logs.
• The Weekly Word topic for the week.
• Short athlete and AIMP update

Please have a listen. Hopefully you get some value out of it and subscribe on iTunes.

The Weekly Word Podcast Episode 52

Special Guest:  Precision Hydration’s Andy Blow.  We talk everything hydration related for Ultra Endurance athletes!

Some links from the folks at Precision Hydration:

The Weekly Word Podblast Episode 22

The Q&A Episode

00:00 Intro
11:55 Field Testing
43:30 Longer Fins and Why
53:30 Training Adjustments
55:45 Why no strength training?
1:06 Why was I faster at my first race?
1:14:45 Talent vs. Being an Athlete
1:33 What is Chris reading?

The Weekly Word Podblast Episode 11

Episode XI – More dialogue with more listeners.
This week’s topics include more discussion on the Perfect Day, the difference between training fast vs. hard, why rest days are so important and how training time is brain ON time.