Coach’s Weekly Word 12.07.11

Hi all –

Many things to get to this week. We have a lot of new athletes starting Dec. 1, and a bunch of returnees. It’s great to have you all aboard (again) and I look forward to an exciting 2012 season.

Last week we had some great Marathon results. We had an AIMPer just miss US Olympic qualifying cut by 4 minutes (but he PR’ed by 20, so we didn’t know!) and other drop 30+ minutes from their PR. As I tweeted, a big group of Boston qualified runners this year! By the way – nobody ran more than 18 miles in their prep for the 26.2: no need for that fatigue. Good clean running instead of slogging away for miles.

That brings up some training observations in general: as we look into the 2012 season, know that we want to train with purpose and integrity, not just exercise. Purpose means that IF we train, let’s make it specific, with a outcome in mind. Why is this workout going to help us and what do YOU want to feel like after? What is the intended outcome by me..? Ask me if this is not clear. And integrity means let make the time we train count. If we are going to sacrifice our time that could be spent with family or other personal time, or even work (!), lets do it right – with desire, focus and…again, purpose.

Too many athletes spend their days training for triathlon with the ‘exercising’ mindset – I must train every day! This is not a weight loss program – its a training program – and part of training is knowing rest and its benefits. Besides the mental break to keep hungry for the next good workout, the body must absorb and adapt. Daily training will not allow the body to absorb, and therefore we quickly fall into the hidden fatigue: flat – unexciting – boring – lethargic workouts. This is NOT the time of year to train tired!

Important is to also remember we don’t get ahead of ourselves and the training phase we are in. Many of you might be excited to get going, start a new season and train! But rev the engine too hard now, and it will be tired come the ‘heart’ of the season. Add to that the family & personal stress NOW, then by the time we NEED the big training, your goodwill with family and work and life might be gone. Be good to yourself and those around you at this time of year (duh) but also in this training phase.

So, don’t add training time, don’t look for more – don’t try to come up with some crazy additional training ideas. Just do the work, stay within yourself and the process.

Many of you have heard me say: Big training days are coming, don’t lose the support for them now!

And finally – we all have big plans in 2012. You would not be working with a coach (yup, me!) if you didn’t have serious goals. Big endeavors, big achievements all start small, with specific steps. We will move mountains, but we must move it one small rock at a time – there is no other way to begin!

As always, let me know of any questions. The roster for 2012 is almost set. I’ve had a few on radio silence, so their loss. If you know of anybody who wants/needs coaching – send ’em my way…but remember – no hugs, hand holding or high fives…:-)

Talk to you all next week.


Weekly Update 11.08.11

Hi all – I figure we start a weekly update in here – as many of you have said you used to enjoy the weekly Monday Morning Quarterback email I sent out. Most of my commentary and observations go out on Twitter, so be sure to follow there for multiple inputs per week. And, no – I don’t tell you what coffee shop I am at and which scone looks good. I keep it 100% to training, coaching & goal setting.

This week I wanted to bring up some topics.

1) For those of you on strength and core training right now, please know that this is a quickly progressing plan. We will do the core as is currently Rx for only 2-3 weeks, then do a major endurance week, and then move on to a real lifting & power routine. So please do not think this is a similar program to past years. The next phase is 5 weeks and carries us into 2012! It is important to nail these workouts now – and not miss the important progression.

2) Most of you have sent me your goals & races for next year. If you have not already done so, please do since we only have 30 weeks until IM St G, IM Tx, IM Brazil and Hawaii 70.3 are in the past/over/finished/complete! The season is quickly coming.

3) Please check out the mini camps, Tucson and the Coast Ride if you can join. The Coast ride in 2012 will depart SF on Saturday Jan. 14th, and arrive Santa Barbara Monday, Jan 16th in the afternoon. Monday is a Holiday. There WILL be a front end option (Bodega to Tiburon/SF) and back end (Santa Barbara to Manhattan Beach) to make it 515 miles in 5 days. Email me for more details – and yes, Coast Ride remains FREE of charge.

Have a great week and please remember to email, text or call with any questions, input and thoughts.


November Update

Hi All:

I look forward to starting with all of you soon for 2012, as it is time to get the preseason work going in order for all of us not to feel rushed into 2012.  Just an idea of what this planning looks like:
22 weeks until California 70.3
27 weeks until IM SG
29 weeks until IM TX
Avg weeks needs in Strength work for maximum results:  8-12 weeks
Avg weeks needed in Base Training (developing endurance while maintaining strength): 6-8 weeks
Avg weeks needed in Competition specific Phase (capitalizing on the strength work and outstanding aerobic capacity): 8-12 weeks
Avg weeks needed to rest, taper and absorb: 3-5 weeks
As you can see, even on the short end of these avg’s, we are looking at approx. 25 weeks!
I hope you are all considering 2 things for 2012:
1) not starting too late in the season as improvements in results come from starting your new season fitter and better than last season, otherwise results stay the same
2) understanding that life circumstance such as health, work, family, and other commitments QUICKLY derail the shorter time windows listed above.
How do you want 2012 to go?
Chris Hauth
AIMP Coaching Services

Coaching for 2012 and Beyond

With a new season coming upon us, I’d like to outline a few changes to how I will approach my coaching for 2012 and beyond. I have been coaching for 12 years now.  It started in the winter of 2000 with a few friends asking for advice, to it being my full time profession since 2006.  Many of you that have spent some time around me know what kind of a full time job managing a roster of athletes is.  A couple hundred emails per day is not uncommon, nor are the 30-40 texts and phone calls.  It’s awesome!  Why?  Because each time my athletes communicate with me, it shows me they are engaged in a daily process of getting fitter, better, faster and smarter.  It shows me they are holding up their end of the coaching agreement:  providing me with the key data & inputs in order for me, in turn, as their coach, to coach them better and more individually.  Armed with their data, I can coach to them and their needs, not just to a plan on paper….

On that note, due to the constant coach/athlete communication I’d like to promote within my coaching, I’ve learned that I need to assert an athlete limit to my roster. Limiting my athlete roster allows me to:

  • Do my job right.
  • Stay engaged and focused on my individuals.
  • Focus on the input and data.
  • Engage with the athlete in picking my brain regarding my racing & training mistakes, observations, lessons and successes out of me.

When I go over my limit, times occur when I hear the “I wish I could get more time with Chris” comments, which bums me out every time, since picking my brain for what the athlete wants is one of the best aspects of coaching.  Sitting at a mini-camp group dinner and exchanging ideas with the athletes as well as a huge brain dump on training & racing is one of the most rewarding takeaways of being a coach:  giving all that I know!

Therefore I am changing my approach in 2012.  I am going to accept only athletes that will engage in coaching as a relationship.  Coaching is a service based on value and communication. Please do not apply for my coaching services if:

  • There is a question of value in my coaching.
  • There is a question in how well you can communicate with me.
  • There is a question as to whether or not I can help you achieve your 2012 goals.
  • You need a lot of hand holding, hurrahs, and hugs.

If you can understand the type of relationship I’d like to promote with my athletes, then please apply.  I will only accept written/email inquiries for 2012.  These inquiries should include:

  • Your goals for 2012- clear and detailed.
  • What you have done in the past, why you are seeking a coach and why you feel I can help you.

And, most importantly, being open to a relationship that allows me to feel attached to your goals, and for you to feel that I have only your best interests in mind.

Below lists what I am looking for in my applicants/athletes:

  • An athlete that has researched their options and is looking to hire the best possible subject matter expert for the task of achieving triathlon goals in 2012.
  • An athlete that will empower me to develop the best possible analysis (are the goals attainable in 2012?) and action plan in order to reach those goals.
  • An athlete that reviews the plan, questions it to ensure comfort that it is the best possible plan.
  • An athlete that will execute the plan and take responsibility for things under THEIR control.
  • An athlete that will communicate their needs, observations, progress, input and struggles as they execute the plan

My coaching in 2012 will be $295 per month.  If you are a returning athlete from a longer layoff, my coaching will be $275 per month.  Those of you on the current roster remain in your current pricing plan.  Those of you signing up for 2012 prior to Dec. 31, get the 2011 rate: $285 per month.

From what my athletes have communicated with me, I have 5-7 roster spots available for the 2012 season.  I will update those spots available monthly.

I am off to Kona with 8 other AIMPers.  3x first timers, couple of repeaters, and myself.  I hope to bring another great crew next year.  Wanna join?