Oceanside 70.3 & IM St. George Bike Transport!

Hi all –

As you all know SAG Monkey and his incredible service in the meantime, Nick has also agreed to bring bikes to Oceanside and IM St. George (instead of me!).  With both events he will also be offering Valet service, meaning he will drop off at your location in Oceanside area or St. George area respectively.  If you are staying in a hotel, house or with friends – SAG Monkey will drop off at any location at the race location.  He will also be offering pick up/drop off here in the Bay Area if you so desire.
1) Bike transport for either event is $175.  This includes NO WAIT time drop off or pick up:  both Oceanside and St. George:  drop off your bike 72 hrs prior to event!  SAG Monkey will coordinate YOUR specific  bike drop off spot prior to the event so it is convenient for you.
2) Valet service is an additional $60 (total for both pickup & drop off) – availability is based on pick up location (in Bay Area), but most any option is available at race site.
3) AIMP athletes & friends of AIMP and ‘early adopters’ get free bag transport.  Which means everyone on this email!
4) Race site tune up and pre race tune ups available.  Please just send note saying you want this service.  Depending on need, either $60 or $95.
5) Forward this email to ANY of your friends, triclubs, indoor cycling members etc.  Cheaper, faster and better than any other transport company out there.  And NO NEED for ANY changes to bike!
6)  Anyone using this email or initial update gets this rate, so no worries on saving this email.  Just email Nick or I…
7) If you are a tri club manager or know of a larger team:  email Nick or I for a package/group rate as well as a group pickup/drop off etc.
Feel free to send us any questions!

IM CA 70.3 Oceanside Bike Transport

Hi all –

Just wanted to remind/give you a heads up that I will be driving to IM 70.3 California and taking bikes.  As you all have seen, I rent a trailer and will bring your bikes and bags to the race.  I am there coaching, might as well bring your bikes too.
Feel free to pass this along to anybody who you feel might benefit from a faster, more personal service.
Since its a CA race, its only $175 and bags are $25 – no limit on the bags.
I will be on site to deliver bikes in Oceanside – so if you coordinate place, I can bring to hotel/house/condo or transition on Friday morning.
I will return to South Bay, SF, and Marin on return.
You can drop off Wednesday, March (Marin) or morning of Thursday, March 29 (SF – at class).  South Bay can be coordinated that morning for pickup.
Bike will be on site that evening, Thursday, in Oceanside.
Return of bikes will be Monday, April 2 – but South Bay we can coordinate Sunday on my return drive.
Getting bikes back to me after race is wherever we want to coordinate: outside of transition, hotel, etc.  your choice.
Other races Planned this season?  I plan to drive to:
IM CDA – IM St. G – IM Tx – IM AZ
70.3 Worlds – 70.3 Boise – 70.3 Lake Stevens – Rev 3 Portland

Ironman Arizona 2011 Bike Transport Details

Bike transport details- Ironman Arizona:

  • $250 per bike.  $25 per bag.  Bike can stay as is.  Only pedals off.  ($50 cheaper than TriBike!)
  • Drop off Wednesday, November 16, or Thursday AM at Breakaway SF……places to be determined based on customer and us making it easy for them.
  • IM AZ Thursday PM as well as Fri AM.  As discussed will bring to customer hotel, house etc.
  • Return via customer coordination
  • Back in Bay Area on Tuesday morning, Nov. 22

Please contact Chris: to reserve or for additional details.