Coaching for 2012 and Beyond

With a new season coming upon us, I’d like to outline a few changes to how I will approach my coaching for 2012 and beyond. I have been coaching for 12 years now.  It started in the winter of 2000 with a few friends asking for advice, to it being my full time profession since 2006.  Many of you that have spent some time around me know what kind of a full time job managing a roster of athletes is.  A couple hundred emails per day is not uncommon, nor are the 30-40 texts and phone calls.  It’s awesome!  Why?  Because each time my athletes communicate with me, it shows me they are engaged in a daily process of getting fitter, better, faster and smarter.  It shows me they are holding up their end of the coaching agreement:  providing me with the key data & inputs in order for me, in turn, as their coach, to coach them better and more individually.  Armed with their data, I can coach to them and their needs, not just to a plan on paper….

On that note, due to the constant coach/athlete communication I’d like to promote within my coaching, I’ve learned that I need to assert an athlete limit to my roster. Limiting my athlete roster allows me to:

  • Do my job right.
  • Stay engaged and focused on my individuals.
  • Focus on the input and data.
  • Engage with the athlete in picking my brain regarding my racing & training mistakes, observations, lessons and successes out of me.

When I go over my limit, times occur when I hear the “I wish I could get more time with Chris” comments, which bums me out every time, since picking my brain for what the athlete wants is one of the best aspects of coaching.  Sitting at a mini-camp group dinner and exchanging ideas with the athletes as well as a huge brain dump on training & racing is one of the most rewarding takeaways of being a coach:  giving all that I know!

Therefore I am changing my approach in 2012.  I am going to accept only athletes that will engage in coaching as a relationship.  Coaching is a service based on value and communication. Please do not apply for my coaching services if:

  • There is a question of value in my coaching.
  • There is a question in how well you can communicate with me.
  • There is a question as to whether or not I can help you achieve your 2012 goals.
  • You need a lot of hand holding, hurrahs, and hugs.

If you can understand the type of relationship I’d like to promote with my athletes, then please apply.  I will only accept written/email inquiries for 2012.  These inquiries should include:

  • Your goals for 2012- clear and detailed.
  • What you have done in the past, why you are seeking a coach and why you feel I can help you.

And, most importantly, being open to a relationship that allows me to feel attached to your goals, and for you to feel that I have only your best interests in mind.

Below lists what I am looking for in my applicants/athletes:

  • An athlete that has researched their options and is looking to hire the best possible subject matter expert for the task of achieving triathlon goals in 2012.
  • An athlete that will empower me to develop the best possible analysis (are the goals attainable in 2012?) and action plan in order to reach those goals.
  • An athlete that reviews the plan, questions it to ensure comfort that it is the best possible plan.
  • An athlete that will execute the plan and take responsibility for things under THEIR control.
  • An athlete that will communicate their needs, observations, progress, input and struggles as they execute the plan

My coaching in 2012 will be $295 per month.  If you are a returning athlete from a longer layoff, my coaching will be $275 per month.  Those of you on the current roster remain in your current pricing plan.  Those of you signing up for 2012 prior to Dec. 31, get the 2011 rate: $285 per month.

From what my athletes have communicated with me, I have 5-7 roster spots available for the 2012 season.  I will update those spots available monthly.

I am off to Kona with 8 other AIMPers.  3x first timers, couple of repeaters, and myself.  I hope to bring another great crew next year.  Wanna join?