AIMP at IM Regensburg 2011

Hi all –

As many of you have heard – AIMP is going overseas next year to IM Regensburg 2011(August 2011).  I will be not only organizing all the logistics for this IM, but since this is an IM in the same town as I went to boarding school for 8 years, the ‘amenities’ will be something not available elsewhere…

What does it mean we are going to IM Regensburg 2011?  About 7 of you have already mentioned your interest in doing this.  SO, I will organize most everything over there leading up to and during Ironman.  After – we can discuss what other travel arrangements you might be eyeing.

This means besides entry and flight – we will package transport from Munich airport, a hotel for all of us exclusively, all breakfasts and dinners leading up to the race, all training, SAG and needs prior to the race in the vans with drivers etc.  Obviously a lot more included (massage – sightseeing – etc.).  Basically we (my brothers, friends and I) will take care of most logistics for you in your prep for IM.

Once we know how many are entered and taking part, we can also start coordinating flights and package pricing.

FOR NOW:  please take the following steps:

1) RACE entry is OPEN – please sign up if serious about this as the race will fill once it happens on August 1 of THIS year.
2) Let me know that you are interested (or entered) in the AIMP trip so that I can start reserving the entire Hotel/Inn I have in mind for the race week.

And yes – I will be racing too.

Thanks!  This should be a GREAT trip.

AIMP Summer Workouts

Hi all –

Just an FYI that going forward, into the summer – I will be organizing a Thursday ride in Marin for those of you with the flexibility and schedule to join. Usually 3-4 hrs, but can occasionally kick up to 5 hrs. I am also working on an afternoon run on TUESDAYS, trail, track or pavement, depending on time of year. This run will be at 5pm in SOUTHERN Marin, like just over the GG Bridge for trails and Tam High for track days. Lastly – Sunday swims remain on the schedule and begin again this weekend at TAM High – 8:30am to 10am.

I will send out this email for workouts – meeting times and distance every week.

THIS THURSDAY: 10am – 3.5 hrs – pushing from Mill Valley base of Camino Alto. Riding Pt. Reyes Station. Join in if you like.