Coach’s Weekly Update 11.14.11

Hi there –

I’ve gotten a fair amount of positive feedback from last weeks update so I am thinking we can continue.

Turkey Day Ride or Run: for those of you local – it would be great to get a big group together and go for a ride (in decent weather) or a run (in crappy weather). Please look for an email with details once the date gets closer.

IM AZ is this weekend. If following online, check out Joel Garza, Caroline Gregory, Felicity Joyce, Erik Svans, Stephen Sanderson, Jen Killian, Chris Kaster and Jason Russell for live tracking.

At this time of year, please remember – small chain ring and higher cadence than usual. Why? If you can spin the easy gears, it will make spinning the bigger gears a lot easier. Do not try to wind up the big gears, flip that approach to spinning the easy gears and gradually work your way towards spinning the 53-11 later this season!

Remember our goal for this time of year: training appropriately to increase our number of mitochondria, oxidative enzymes and capillaries, and improve our ability to preferentially burn fats, re-circulate lactate, buffer and tolerate it better at the muscle cell level/site.

I know – quite scientific, but basically doing above will help us reach our Threshold 1 (aerobic threshold) and Threshold 2 (anaerobic threshold) at higher percentages of our VO2 max. Also, this training will increase our VO2 max itself too!

More to follow – but know this: this time of year is about remaining aerobic – very aerobic…

Have a great week!