Tahoe 2010 is almost here!

Hi all –

Tahoe 2010 is almost here. We have two house reserved from August 1-8 with 10+ bedrooms total. This means we check in SUNDAY mid afternoon and check out Sunday MID morning.

How this works? This is not a formal training camp like Tucson, instead a training week of split costs etc. For some of you this might mean some extra coaching and this will roll somewhat into a training camp atmosphere, but overall the costs are quite low. ANYONE can join – this is not just AIMP athletes – but I will reserve the initial spaces in the 2 houses for AIMP athletes first…

HOUSING: Most of you have you own and we coordinate rides and run daily from the swims in the morning. We will be swimming in Donner Lake EVERY morning besides Wednesday, August 4, and Saturday August 7. FOR THOSE OF YOU staying in one of the AIMP rented homes, all we do is divide the nightly cost of the home by the number of occupants…and there is your nightly cost. Please let me know what nights you plan to attend and I will coordinate houses and rooms for you. Yes, you have your own bed, and those of you who just want to keep it simple and crash for a night, we factor that into cheaper housing of course. BUT, THOSE UP FOR THE FULL WEEK HAVE HOUSING PRIORITY.

FOOD: As out LA boys will tell you – you are on your own. Unlike Tucson there are no meals included and you have your kitchens etc. to get in what you need. We will go out for dinner as a group again as usual towards the latter half of the week, but the remainder of the time we keep it simple in prep for our important training the next days and the multiple workouts per day. We do cook together in the houses I rented AND they are next to each other, so we often cook in one house or the other.

TRAINING: Most of you are on a similar plan. This is for safety and group training purposes. Different this year is that I will not be along for all the workouts. I WILL ASSIST in some training as I can help you on rides with some SAG and other support – but as I have Leadville a few weeks after, I am in a different training space. But we swim every day – we ride 4-6 hrs 4 days, run almost every day, and eventually end up training about 32 hrs in 8 days…For those of you CONFIRMED – I am starting to enter the plan into your Workoutlog.

REMAINING TIME: on average we are training about 4-5 hrs a day but some of the days only 1-2. The remainder of the time is spent relaxing and recovering etc. Of course – its Tahoe and there is also plenty of fun to be had.

MASSAGE: It wouldn’t be an AIMP camp without massage. This is also not included like Tucson, and once I have you confirmed, I will coordinate with Paul Whiting for your schedule – meaning Paul will reach out to you. As you can imagine – there will be plenty of demand, but also plenty of down time to catch up with Paul for some body work.

EXTRAS: I will be video taping (swim – bike & run) – going over some run form – working on your cycling motion – during this week. We will coordinate up there for those times and how we want to coordinate with my training. But those of you in want of this – let me know!

Donner TAHOE SWIM: In the past we have messed around with this – but in order for that Saturday to be a decent and SAFE training day – I prefer to get you on the road earlier that day. We will have swum the length of Tahoe by then 2x already and waiting around until 8:30am for this swim to start and paying $50 is not worth it. Many years we have started at 7 and been done by the time the race even starts – yet done the same swim for free!

CONFIRMING: Please email me that you are attending (DATES!) unless you are

The Blancos







Please let me know of ANY questions and logistics…I look forward to seeing you up there and this should be another great week, our 10th ANNUAL!!