2013 AIMP Spring Training Camp

Hi all –

its that time of year again to start thinking and planning for the Tucson Training Camp.  As many of you are familiar with – we spend Presidents Day every year in warm & sunny Tucson.  It sets up ideally for the spring racing season, and it refreshes & recharges the body after a cold long winter for most of us.
WHY is Tucson such a valuable trip?  It allows for a change in scenery with great rides, outdoor swimming and some fun running.  It also gives you the first opportunity to have a big training week geared towards triathlon in 2013.
WHEN?  We arrive Thursday PM.  For many this means they can either just work half day on the West Coast, as well as many on the East Coast if you dial in your flights.  Monday is a Holiday for most, as Presidents Day.  That means with a Thursday PM arrival you have 4 great days of training in the desert.  (Feb 14-Feb 19)
HOW?  Depending on numbers this year, we might rent a large – VERY large house instead.  It worked really well last year in Utah for the St. George Camp.  It allowed for community and home cooked SAG Monkey meals as well as a better start to our training days.  As you can imagine this goes away with more than 10-12 people.  If not we will stay in our usual group hotel, the Towne Place Suites.
SCHEDULE:  We typically swim and ride long on day 1.  Day 2 we ride very long and add a short run.  Day 3 we swim long and add a longer run, and Day 4 we climb Mt. Lemmon with morning swim.  As you can see – we focus on cycling and swimming in the warmer environment as the running is easier in the colder, wetter climates.
NEXT?  Please send me your interest.  If you feel or plan on coming, please let me know.  If this is something you are not even contemplating, then no need to respond.  Given the interest levels I will be able to dial in the housing more effectively.

Tucson Spring Training Camp- Update #2

I wanted to follow up with you all in the new year for the AIMP Spring Training Camp in Tucson.  18 of you have already responded that you would like to attend.  I need to finalize rooms and suites by the 16th of January, so things are moving quickly.
I will open up to non AIMPers in the next few days, but wanted to finalize our coached group first.  I would like to hit 25 people since we have 2-3 coaches, and some more help (many of you will meet Shanks at the Coast Ride and most of you know Ben, if he is willing to help again….:-)
More details to follow on the rooms and singles vs. suites etc. but for now – just let me know if you plan to attend this long weekend of great training, great camaraderie, great food and great fun.
RUNNERS:  yes – there is a running only option (Thanks to Kara) so the runners will have their own van for epic trail runs and some active recovery swim & water running.
Thank you, and as always – questions can be sent my way!