AIMP Training Camps

Training camps are a key ingredient in the AIMP coaching plan. It allows the athlete to train with peers, professionals and spend uninterrupted time with the coaching staff on hand. It also provides the athletes the opportunity to work with Chris Hauth individually for the duration of the camp and then apply any inputs and adjustments to the training plan (key for the athlete that is not local). Training camps are also a healthy way to increase the training load under close supervision in prep for any Half or Full Ironman.

Spring Training Camps Update

Given that the Swim Camp is primarily with local athletes I will push it to the Training Camp.  No worries, I still have pool reserved for Sunday March 19th – so I will open it up to all who want to join and I will do a clinic vs. a camp.  What is a clinic?  I will video tape all of you and have a larger monitor available for you to get out, see your stroke and make adjustment in real time back in the pool.  We will go over stroke mechanics and technique, we will discuss hip driven freestyle vs. power driven, we will talk open water, we will talk snorkel and fins and benefits etc.  We will spend a full morning on swimming. I will rent the pool (full pool) for 4 hrs. Those of you that want to just come swim and get some tips, we will do a drop in fee.  For those of you that want the full clinic, I will charge a one day rate.  Most likely that number will be $125.  With that I will need your height and weight because ROKA will send us some demo suits for you, as well as gear so that we can also do a full wetsuit demo, insight and open water component.

Training Camp is set for the week of April 19-23. Why those dates?  Based off the questionnaire to over 450 people, we have the following insights:

  • You care most about the location and the coaches – so it will be in Northern Marin with cycling in West Sonoma County & Napa.  We will run beautiful coastal trails, have access to a track, and swim in a great 50m outdoor pool as well as up in Lake Sonoma for our Open Water.
  • You prefer volume.  You want to maximize your training time.
  • You prefer 4-5 days – other options barely registered – in a Group house and simple hotel
  • Swim analysis and help was your most important service at camp.  We will focus on that heavily at camp, along with nutrition planning and some performance testing.  Of course we will still provide other services separately.
  • Lastly – strength, core and conditioning for endurance sports was a big driver as well – we will be certain to focus on that as well as the other topics.

5 days of Training Camp.  Because swimming is such a big component, we will be offering swim video analysis on Day 1 (Wednesday the 19th) and Day 5 (Sunday the 23rd) – that way most can join in some manner if they can’t take quite that much time off for the Camp.  All of the swim clinic above (March 19) – will be covered at the Camp as well – especially if you were not able to attend the Swim Clinic dates (non local folks)

Next steps from all of you:  we can no longer play this by ear.  So:

  1. If joining the Camp – we will need a $250 deposit by March 17th.  That gives you a few days to make a decision.  It will help us (Mat and I) determine the needs (how many extra coaches, gear, logistics, SAG, massage, hotels, group houses, video equipment, pool rentals, meal planning with nutritionist, menu planning and printing for take home etc.) and therefore ACCURATE pricing.  Of course we can throw out a big number at you, but if only 12 athletes vs. 20 is a big difference for all in services and fair pricing.
  2. We are only doing 20 people at this camp.  We want to provide excellent value, training, insight, and service.  Going by interest so far from both groups (Mat and I) – this will quickly fill.  It is NOT limited to our athletes.  But we prefer that you recommend, forward, bring along athletes that will benefit from this kind of training (5+hrs per day most days) and discussion, race prep and ultra endurance focus.
  3. We will be doing a pre camp questionnaire specific for you.  It will help us determine not only fitness and needs, but also nutrition, performance and other racing and training insights in order to offer the best possible camp experience for you individually as well as the group.
  4. This Camp is NOT limited to triathletes.  The cycling is spectacular, the swimming is open to 10+ miles of open water and I know something about finding 100s of miles of trails in this corner of the world.  The weekend prior to the Camp I will be running the Lake Sonoma 50 mile race, so post open water swim there will be plenty of running miles for you to explore…

Please let us know of any questions.  I think we have answered most preliminary questions for you to make a commitment re the deposit.  Any other questions prior to March 17th let us know!