Spring Training Camp

The 2017 Spring Training Camp will be April 19-23.  We will run beautiful coastal trails, have access to a track, and swim in a great 50m outdoor pool as well as an open water swim in Lake Sonoma.

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Chris Hauth is the current Age Group Ironman World Champion, a former Olympic Swimmer and has been a top endurance coach for well over 2 decades. In addition to triathletes, Chris has coached Western States top finishers, Ultraman winners and plenty of swimmers towards age group nationals and Olympic Trials.

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Another conversation with Rich Roll as we prepare for Ötillö

Preparing for the upcoming Ötillö Swimrun World Championships, my race partner and Ultraman Rich Roll and I did some training up in Lake Tahoe. Afterwards, we sat down and had a state-of-the-union on our race preparation. Specific subjects discussed include: the impact of altitude training & training camps the benefits of accountability partners the primacy of patience […]


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