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Racing long requires outstanding fitness and superior race day execution, combined with a healthy dose of self control. In seeking to create the optimum training program, there are critical success factors are always within the training plan and part of the coaching philosophy.
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Last weekend, during my 50 miler, I needed to make a brief, but difficult decision that I wanted to share with you. I had to pull out at mile 44, but it was not a DNF, it was a DNC. For me there is a difference between these two acronyms, and as a coach, it is valuable to share this with all of you.
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Understanding Z2 – Part II

After the mini camp this past weekend, I wanted to take an opportunity to go into more depth about Z2 aerobic training and how it might help if I showed you my data.  This might provide some color and clarity on how to do it – why we do it – why it is so […]


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