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Training log: 21 Days in August

I don’t do blogs.  Don’t read ’em, nor do I write them.  But here I am, writing one for the next 21 training days.
They are lined up pretty well: big training, great locations, all leading into one more Kona run up.   Why share?
Why now? I explain it all in the first post:  “August is gonna hurt”.  Start there if you like…

AIMP Coaching

When looking to create the ideal training plan specific for an individual athlete, there are some consistent and critical success factors that are always woven in.

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Training camps are a key ingredient in the AIMP coaching plan.  It allows the athlete to train with peers, professionals and spend uninterrupted time with the coaching staff on hand.

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Sunday swims at Indian Valley College are back on a permanent basis.

Every Sunday – from 9-11. Simple. Every Sunday….We have 3 coaches available for back up and many more that would be willing to help, so you can count on it happening every Sunday, for all of 2015.

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Final Days of August

Boulder day 1 Woke up Saturday in a new environment once again to train.  I have been in Boulder a few times before, but never to train.  Once again visiting my good friend and training partner from Park City who also joined me in Bend, and now here in Boulder.  He lives a good schedule […]


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